How can I be the dream architect that I am meant to be?

Last week I was the guest speaker of a talk show and got questioned what advice I would give my younger self.


My answer was that if I could somehow convince myself that anything I wanted could be mine, it would have led me straight to the start of a revolutionary breakthrough and  a journey I didn't even dare to dream of.

Have you always been clear about your dreams?

When I was younger I didn’t really have either dreams for the future or role models that I looked up to, I thought that life was given to me and that my mission was to work the best out of what I get.


I still was the same person as I am today, with the same characteristics, the same positive attitude, the same spontaneous adventurousness, the same willingness to contribute to the world around me, but my window was small, as was my expectations, of myself, of others and of life itself.


Which obviously led me to depression, anxiety and an extreme feeling of inner restlessness.


Behind the surface of a lost girl, I was a soul full of infinite wisdom and limitless potential. A soul here to experience a world full of possibilities, gifted with the free will to choose among all that is.        


The pain I felt inside, caused by a under stimulated genius, was the indicator for my soul to guide me to experiences and spiritual leaders which wisdom led me to understand that; I AM RESPONSIBLE over my wellbeing, my choices and how I live my life. That I AM THE ONE WHO HOLDS THE POWER, over my emotions, my happiness, my path and my entire experience of life.


This understanding, was my golden key to a life without depression and anxiety.        

"We are all born with the potential to be do and have anything we want . By drawing a sketch of our dream we trigger the universe to conspire a delivery of all that is needed to bring life into our dream"  

The window was always open 

First when I was ready to let go of depression and anxiety, I was able to open space and playroom for divine creativity to flow. 

First then, source became able to work through me and activate my true potential to work with me in the co-creation of a whole new reality.


Once I allowed this to happen, my life took a one-eighty and I started to produce amazing results, I attracted incredible people, got presented to awesome opportunities, took on huge responsibilities, became the holder of outstanding achievements, gained sparkling financial wins and was in constant motion of growth.         


My perception of the world had changed, step by step as my expectations was growing, my standards got higher and undeniably the universe started to conspire the creation of a reality that was matching my new standards.   


First when I opened my window and dared to fly outside of what was once familiar, a new reality started to manifest around me. The more I managed to create, the more I questioned how it actually happened. This became a primary question in my mind, that over the last years led me to understand that we are the creators of our own reality, that we are basically, the architect of our own future. And what could be better than to use that magical ability to draw a picture of our dreams?  


If you don't know where you are going, all roads will lead to nowhere and once you have a clear picture of what you want there is no limit on what you can achieve. You can be do and have anything you want, as long as you keep focused on your vision and keep pursuing your goal. 

"First when I opened my window and dared to fly outside of what was once familiar a new reality started to manifest around me"

Tove Lovisa Bergkvist, CEO/Savvy Females


Tove Lovisa Bergkvist

Founder/CEO, Savvy Females

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Thank you for reading and I'm grateful that our paths have crossed.

Can't wait to see you agin.

Xoxo, Tove Lovisa 





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